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High quality the print is good and the fabric also seems to be of quality stretch materials it is important to mention these are compression...
superhero kids costumes for sale
Here are the best superhero cape sets for boys and girls - 70cm Buy DIRECT from these stores:

Action Figures

Before you buy Superhero Action Figures, scan our website first. We have spent a lot of time finding and sourcing the best action figures sellers from different websites around the world. 

Superhero Action figures for sale

Party Accessories

The best Superhero party accessories. Are you having a Superhero kids party, or maybe a corporate event?. Here you will find different themed options.

Gift Ideas

Here are some great gift ideas. There are many different options depending on what category your loved one might fall into, have a look for some inspirational ideas

Rooms and Posters

Transform your child's room into a superhero paradise. Here you will find great inspiration and some awesome products, from wall paper to bedding and a lot more...

Superhero facts

See facts about your  favourite heroes

Flash: Speed record
June 0
Superman first appeared in Action Comics #1
0 Billion
ELEPHANTS = Thor's (Mjölnir)hammer weight
4 July 0
Captain America's Birth


Here is the best SUPERHERO MOVIES of all time. You can read our complete article about the top pictures that has inspired us for more that a decade and have created so much wonderful experiences. Iron Man, Aquaman, The Incredibles, Megamind, Deadpool , The Dark Knight and lots more , read all about it here


Avengers: Endgame
Incredibles 2
The Dark Knight

Things to look out for when buying a Costume...

1. Quality

When buying a Superhero costume one needs to be aware of the material quality and fabrication. Depending on your budget and the application here are some options. Read more…

2. Size

When ordering costumes online it is very important to have a good look at the size charts, here are some tips and tricks, read more…

4. Shipping

When buying from certain online stores , shipping could take up to 60Days depending on your location. If you need your costume delivered fast click here

Action Figure LegoTYPE Super Hero Avengers

Building Blocks Compatible with Lego and are about 4.5cm tall.


The Gauntlet | Thanos Glove

The Infinity Gauntlet, Thanos glove. Six Infinity Gems are attached to the gauntlet. Thanos uses his powers to kill half of the living beings in the universe. This glove is a great collectors item or toy

Superwoman Dress

The SUPERWOMAN party dress. This is a high quality polyester, cotton costume and comes with dress, cape and stockings. Read more about the sizes and shipment options here.

17cm Action Figures

These are a great buy and value for money. These 17cm pvc action figures have movable parts and joints. See the different characters here...

Fitness Shirts

T-shirt (Long and Short sleeve) with 3D Super Heroes prints, great for work out, fitness & Gyms you could also use as a leisure fitness Top.They come in different characters. See more here...

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